Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Master Closet redo...by the abnormal wife!

While standing in the kitchen completing my final organizational project for my lovely closet, my husband looked at me and said, "Sometimes I just wish I had a normal wife." That comment sent my daughter and I into a fit of laughter. Of course, I am certain that he meant, he wishes he had a wife who left well enough alone. A wife who doesn't walk into a room and redesign it seventeen times in her head before turning around walking out. My list of projects is never complete!

The hubs and I have separate master closets, which is the BEST thing in the world and helps to keep peace in the house. His closet is super neat and organized, while I tend to throw things in and shove the door closed. This is really what prompted me to beautify my closet. I figured, if I gave myself a dressing room rather than a closet, I would have an extension of my room, not a catch all for the extra junk around the house.

Don't judge me based on these before photos. This "before" closet is only an indication of what the inconspicuous places in my house look like, not the open spaces LOL So next time you are over, and I see you look at the coat closet or the closet under the stairs, I will know exactly what you are thinking ;)

Ginne's hell hole before:

Believe it or not, I filled up three rooms in our house when I emptied out all of the contents! EMBARRASSING!!!

Why are closets typically boring ol' white? Who would enjoy a bland space enough to keep it looking nice and tidy? Not me! I just hurried in and hurried out leaving a disaster behind.
I debated colors for quite a while. I am a gray girl! It is my ultimate happy, calming, and relaxing color. So why not be adventurous in my closet? The two front runners were purple and coral. I decided, after initially trying a purple color on one of the walls, that wasn't quite what I had in mind...so coral with gold accents was the winner. PS wire shelving is pain to remove and isn't very aesthetically appealing. I removed some, which required pliers and left dime sized holes that I had to patch prior to painting. Not to mention that there is no easy way to remove them to paint. I ended up having to leave the hardware in the walls and I painted around it.

Ready to fill 'er back up:

The paint color I chose was Behr Marquee in Coral Fountain

Next came the fun part for me. Decorating the space!!! Yes, I even decorated my closet! I wanted my jewelry displayed, my shoes and handbags to be visible, and a full length mirror. But more importantly, I desired a smartly organized space for my things.

Welcome to my dressing room:
A shelf for my girlie things!!!
My floor length mirror is now used by all!
Happy Handbags!

Conspicuous Stems!
Orderly Belts!

And I needed on more slight addition (insert "normal wife" comment):

I slapped some gold paint on the ugly ivory bins that were previously up in my closet, added a decorative chalkboard painted piece of wood, and voila...now I know what is in them and can change it at my leisure!

The end...until I begin thinking abnormally again ;)

Creatively yours, 

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