Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Meet the Author

Before I begin to take you on this journey with me, I suppose it is important for you to know who I am and what drives my quirky passions.

My name is Ginne, and if we haven't formally met, it is my absolute pleasure! I was born and raised in Northern California. Two years ago, my handsome hubby, amazing children, and myself embarked on a journey that took us out of our comfort zone, but quickly helped us to realize that as long as we are together, we are invincible. We departed our forever home in Roseville, California and traveled 1,971.2 miles to our new home in The Woodlands, Texas. I was immediately eager to make this our space! I had so many ideas, I didn't even know where to begin. Of course, all of our furniture was moved with us and placed where I wanted it, but I think that sometimes, the character of a home definitely dictates what kind of furniture and style belongs there. 

We chose a traditional craftsman style home. 

Isn't she lovely? There are windows galore in our house which allows for a ton of natural light (gloomy Texas thunderstorm days are my fav)! This pretty place is open, airy, and ready for my transformations!!!

I have always had a passion for making life more beautiful. By trade, I am a hairstylist. My fabulous career has allowed me to express my creativity by making the world prettier, one head at a time...actually, sometimes it is two or three heads at a time...but more importantly, it has provided me with amazing and lifelong friendships. My clients are, undeniably, the BEST! I still travel to California to beautify a lot of them because to have left them all behind, would have been way too many breakups all at once. Seeing as how I am only coiffing tresses once a month, that leaves three weeks a month I can play interior designer in my house. 

There are a ton of ideas sitting in my head just waiting to spill out onto my canvas. On this blog, I will chronicle the projects I have already accomplished and the ones still waiting to make their appearance. Thank you for joining me while I paint my world lovely!

Creatively yours,